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A Guide to the Best Schools in Pinellas County

Pinellas County schools

Pinellas County is located on the west coast of Florida and includes the popular city of St. Petersburg, known to locals and fans as St. Pete. Pinellas County has been growing. It is in demand, and for a good reason. Pristine beaches along the Gulf of Mexico, island vibes, beautiful recreational areas, including world-class golf courses, and tangerine sunsets are just a few of the reasons people move to the Pinellas County area. Sunshine and warm weather year-round draw people in looking to escape from the cold winters in other parts of the country. But Pinellas county isn’t just sun and fun. The county also has excellent schools in many different formats that draw families to the area. 

Pinellas County is served by Pinellas County School District as well as charter, magnet, and private options. Pinellas County Public Schools is the seventh largest district in Florida, with 150 different schools. The district has won many awards and is noted for its excellent teacher and school quality. If you’re looking for schools in the Pinellas County area, this guide will help you narrow down the best choices.

Public Schools

St Petersburg High School

The Pinellas County School District is the public school option for all of Pinellas County, including the St. Petersburg area. So, although there is no St. Petersburg school district, the city is served by the county district. Public schools in the Pinellas County School District are award-winning and offer some of the best schools in the country.

St. Petersburg High is a highly-rated public high school in St. Petersburg. They’re proud to be known as the home to the first International Baccalaureate Diploma Program in all of Florida. In addition, the school hosts an award-winning chorus and band, several excellent athletic teams, and rigorous academic programs. 

Charter Schools

Charter schools are part of the Pinellas County School District. However, they are different from traditional public schools because they operate under a performance contract that frees them from the regulations that bind many traditional public schools. As a result, charter schools are free for citizens of Pinellas County but often offer a wide array of innovative curricula and programs for students. Charter schools often have a collegiate atmosphere and challenging, engaging curriculum that produces amazing results for students and their families. Pinellas County Public Schools offers several charter options for families.

Plato Academy of St. Petersburg is a highly ranked, award-winning charter school serving grades K-8. Plato Academy focuses on serving the whole child, with an emphasis on solid family values and discipline in the classroom. With a small teacher-to-student ratio, students are able to achieve their full potential. Another excellent charter school is Pasadena Fundamental Elementary School. Here, expectations for students are defined as clearly as possible to set them up for future success. In addition to academic excellence, students log volunteer hours to give back to the community, and there are a variety of after-school clubs for further enrichment. 

Private Schools

Admiral Farragut Academy

Private schools are schools that are privately funded by tuition and donations and are not part of the public school system. Private schools are not held to national or district standards, and their curriculum focuses on the desires of the families and donors. Private schools may have a religious component, and many have innovative, creative curriculums with ample funding to create novel learning experiences for students.

In St. Petersburg, the Admiral Farragut Academy is an international, private boarding school focused on rigorous academics and college placement. The Shorecrest Preparatory School provides students with a safe environment in which to learn decision-making in addition to academic subjects. For a religion-centered curriculum, look no further than St. Petersburg Christian School, where academic subjects are mixed in with Bible studies to give students a strong academic and spiritual foundation.

SailFuture Academy is a foster care agency and a private school serving teens at high risk in Florida. It’s a holistic program designed to equip students for future success. Another excellent institution in the community is St. Petersburg Catholic High School. Striving for excellence, the school pairs academic instruction with spiritual grounding. The Canterbury School of Florida works toward its goal of “Enlightenment With Compassion” by bringing together students, staff, faculty, and family. It’s a highly-rated school with great academic programs.

No matter your preference, Pinellas County has an amazing selection of schools to choose from. From highly rated public schools to exclusive private options, there’s a great school for everyone in the Pinellas County area.

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