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Amy W.

Our journey with Leah began in Cleveland, Ohio. We were relocating to the Tampa area but did not have a good starting point for finding an outstanding Realtor® in the area. In Ohio, we were blessed to have a fabulous Realtor® represent us for the sale of our home, who understood our needs and personality and offered to help us find someone who would represent us as buyers. She spoke with eight different Realtors® in the Tampa area and told us that far and away, Leah was the perfect choice for us. Boy, was she right. To begin, Leah worked with us via phone and FaceTime even before we visited the Tampa area to determine our wants and needs for our new home. Everything from house style, neighborhood preferences, lifestyle; you name it, Leah covered it. Her attention to detail and thoroughness was impressive. When we arrived in the Tampa area for some in-person house hunting, Leah showed us the personal attention that we did not expect. Leah was prepared with water and snacks, an itinerary of homes to tour and, most importantly (and impressively) a 10-hour day completely dedicated to our search. This was so far above and beyond what we would expect or even ask for. However, we got the impression that this level of service is the norm for Leah. We quickly realized how lucky we were. In our tour of 16 homes, we found properties that were “close”, but didn’t quite grab us. We did not feel pressured whatsoever. Even when we were less enthusiastic about a few houses that we were originally excited to see, she didn’t try to force the sale at all. She asked what we thought, offered some expert advice and continued the journey. Her display of integrity and honesty quickly built a trust level that is vital for a successful relationship. When we pulled up to what would be the final house of our tour, we knew as soon as we saw it, that this one was “different”. In the end, Leah was able to find the house that was perfect for us. Throughout our entire journey, Leah was super responsive. She was very knowledgeable about so many different aspects of the house hunting experience. This was the third home that we’ve purchased over the years and we learned so many things with this experience that we never even considered previously. From having to endure reading our extremely long-winded emails, to an encounter with an “attack squirrel” (true story), Leah was so incredibly patient and helpful. We could not imagine having a better experience. If you have the pleasure of working with Leah, you will not be disappointed.

Jessica J.

We could not have asked for a better Realtor® to help us through every aspect of our home buying process. When we first got in touch with Gisselle, we were really uncertain about our price range, the type of house we would be willing to consider, and even whether we wanted to buy a house right now at all. She was very patient, provided helpful information, suggested things to think about that we hadn't considered, and never ever made us feel like we were wasting her time even though we weren't sure if we were ready to buy. Once we decided to actually look at some houses in person, Gisselle researched every house we were interested in before we went and provided us with the full background. In one case, there was a house we weren't all that interested in, which she gently suggested we look at anyway and then managed to get us in early when the owner wasn't really showing the house to anyone else. It turned out we loved the house and it was so much better than it looked in pictures. We put an offer in that was accepted the same day, without removing any contingencies. From there, Gisselle helped us, without even being asked to find reasonably priced insurance, bring out contractors to investigate inspection issues, and even negotiated for The seller to provide generous credits for a future repair that we were concerned about having to do. She was extremely responsive the whole time, always pleasant and friendly to work with, and didn't put any pressure on us one way or the other about whether to go through with the sale whenever a question or concern came up. She even personally arranged contractors to take care of small needed repairs before we closed so we didn't have to do any of that ourselves. With Gisselle's help, in this absolutely insane seller's market, we bought a great house in a desirable neighborhood in Tampa, got most of our closing costs covered by the seller, found reasonable insurance, and closed in under a month. She was so smart about our offer strategy. Even though we offered well over asking, the house appraised even higher than that. So we walked into a small amount of immediate equity. We are so grateful to Gisselle for helping us find the house, coming up with the right offer strategy, and everything that came after that. We've never met anyone who works harder for their clients than Gisselle. Couldn't recommend her more.

Rich H.

Leah and her team went above and beyond in helping us sell our property. From our first encounter with her, she was full of ideas on how to market our condo in an era of low demand for multifamily housing. Her and her team produced a professional video walk through of the condo which in my humble opinion, would be the envy of some Hollywood producers. She never hesitated to answer our calls, alleviate our concerns, and ease our worries when offers were slow coming in. She held numerous open houses and showed our home to countless potential buyers. She strategized with us over photos, staging, advertisement placements, making us feel as part of her team. She kept us focus on the end prize of selling our home. When our buyer finally made the “offer we couldn’t refuse”, Leah and her team were there to make sure everything went smoothly. They insured all documents were completed in a timely manner, all deadlines were met, and any wrinkle effortlessly smoothed out. She even helped negotiate the sale of some of our furniture. All during this, my wife and I would find a plethora of homes on the market and Leah and her team never hesitated in showing us those homes. During our time together, Leah got to know our wants, likes, and dislikes. She was able to distill that knowledge down to a single home which was under remodeling. From the first time we drove up to the front of the house, we knew we had found our forever home (I hope, I am tired of moving). She knew us so well, that we made an offer right there on the spot and I am happy to report, it was accepted. Throughout this process, Leah and her team was always there, always ready to help, always ready to answer our questions, listen to our concerns, guide us along the process, explain everything, and in the end, found us the perfect house for our family to call home. Thank you Leah.

Mike T.

I couldn't have had a better experience with Leah as my buying/selling Realtor®. She was able to get my place professionally staged and photographed within 24 hours of me deciding to list. Listing was up the next day and sold/closed within 30 days. Gave me a ton of notice on all of the scheduled showings so I was able to be out of the place for the potential buyers. Very seamless transaction as far as I was concerned. As for the new house, we had several on our list but none were "perfect". Leah was great about setting up showings for us on short notice, and being flexible with her time. After looking at a few properties, she took me to a place that hadn't hit the market yet and was scheduled to be finished in ~2 months. I loved it, and Leah did a fantastic job with the builder and was actually able to get an offer written and accepted by the builder within 2 days of seeing the place before it even went on the market. I was able to work with the builder to customize everything in the home and it turned out even better than I could have expected. Leah did such a fantastic job throughout the process, keeping me informed on progress and everything I could have asked for. I give her a 10/10, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Tampa & St. Pete area.

Kelli B.

I first started following Leah on social media about 4 years ago, her social presence and the way she markets homes and shares about the St.Pete/Tampa real estate market is outstanding, professional and informative. My sister and her family were moving to the area, and being a real estate agent myself, I offered to help them do the research to find a great agent. Leah and her team helped my sister's family navigate this incredibly tough market with ease. Fast forward to 2022, my parents decided to make the move to St. Pete as well, and of course my sister's family loved Leah so much, my parents decided to use her as their agent too. She was able to help my parents find and make an offer on a property before it hit the market, that they love. (I might add, pleasing my mother is no easy feat, and Leah handled all situations with grace and professionalism) She is the only choice for an agent in this area, I could not recommend her more. You can truly see the dedication she puts into taking care of her clients, and it shows that she genuinely cares. Thank you Leah for your superior service.

Kailyn S.

Leah made us feel like we were her only clients. Her response time never exceeded 5 minutes (even in the early and late hours). Leah is knowledgeable and walked us through every step from start to finish (and after finish). Through her multiple connections she was able to find us several off market options, including the house we ultimately bought. Leah always showed genuine patience and kindness throughout the process. She fought for our best interest and brought things to our attention that we may have missed. Leah has so much energy and love for what she does. On the rare chance that Leah wasn't available her team stepped in with equal enthusiasm. We were always able to view a home within a few hours the same day. Above all else, Leah truly cares about her clients. We are so thankful we chose Leah to find our home and even more thankful that we made a great friend along the way.

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