Here’s How to Tell What That Beachfront Property is Really Worth

Are you ready to live the good life and buy a home in St. Petersburg, Florida, for a primary residence or vacation home? While choosing a new beach home can be exciting, you also need to make sure you keep your wits about you during the search so you buy a property that is a sound investment. While your real estate agent will be able to help you ensure your home is worth what you pay for it, you can also keep the following in mind to facilitate your search.

1. Structural integrity

While the structural integrity of any home is important, it is especially paramount when looking at beachfront properties like St. Pete beach homes. Construction of the beachfront property is highly regulated. These regulations can come from FEMA guidelines, state guidelines, as well as guidelines from local municipalities. This is due to the nature of the dunes, beaches, and weather activity in the area. If you are building a beachfront home, you will have to meet all of the guidelines and permitting needs before beginning construction. When you are looking at beach homes, however, you will need to ensure that the property meets the current guidelines and codes, as those may have changed from the time the property was built. If a home no longer meets the local guidelines, the worth of the home may decrease, and you may end up having to put additional funding into the home to make it meet the current standards.

2. Home inspections

A home inspection is one of the most important investments you can make before purchasing a beachfront property. Whether you are looking to live in your new beachfront property year-round, use it as a seasonal vacation home, or use it as a vacation rental, there are several reasons you should have the home inspected before purchasing. A home inspection will ensure that the property is meeting all of the current building codes in the area, but it will also catch some of the hidden issues that a home could have. A home inspection will give you peace of mind that everyone in your home will be safe.

In addition to the reassurance about the safety that a home inspection will give you, it will also allow you to accurately determine the worth of St. Petersburg beach homes for sale. This is information that will allow the real estate transaction to go smoothly, and it could provide you with leverage throughout the price negotiations. Home inspections could give you more access to loans from different lenders. Home inspections will also give you the ability to walk away from a deal if the property is not worth your time and money. Your real estate agent can help you place conditions in your offer that can make this a simple process. Adding in this caveat will provide you with an important safety net if you determine the home you are looking at is not worth your investment.

3. Proximity to the ocean

Are you looking at St. Pete beach homes because of the proximity to the beaches and ocean? Living on the beach provides you with a lifestyle full of relaxation with beautiful views. Keep in mind that the worth of a waterfront property is greatly impacted by the proximity to the water and beaches. The ocean and beaches are obviously permanent views that cannot be built up over the years. You can just about guarantee that the views you have when you purchase the home are going to be the views you have several years down the line. Because of the limited properties available on the beaches and the permanent views, luxury beachfront properties are hot commodities that often increase in value over time.

4. Outdoor living spaces

Owners of St. Pete beach homes love making use of outdoor living spaces as much as the inside of their homes. A fully developed outdoor living space can increase the worth of many beachfront properties. The best outdoor living spaces are easy to access and flow well from the indoors. They should serve as an extension of the home and be functional for relaxing and entertaining. Outdoor couches and comfortable chairs can serve as a living room extension, perfect for conversing and entertaining. If you want a truly luxurious outdoor experience, these spaces can include a formal dining area as well as a full outdoor kitchen featuring an oven and range, refrigerator, and prep station. No matter how the outdoor space is designed, it will add to the worth of the home.

5. Potential for renting

The potential for renting out beachfront property may be an additional consideration you want to have when looking at the worth of the property. A St. Pete’s beach home could make a great rental investment when you are not using it as your vacation home. Determine how much you are able to rent the property for based upon the size of the home, the home’s location, and the amenities included. In general, beachfront properties can be rented for a higher price than other luxury vacation properties. Consider the neighborhood in which you are investing as well as the proximity to the ocean and other local amenities. If you decide that renting your vacation property is the direction you want to go, you can take the other features of this list to make sure that you are getting the most out of your home while you are living there, during the rental season, and if you decide to sell in the future.

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There is no better way to enjoy a relaxing lifestyle than with the beachfront living. When you are ready to look for the perfect beachfront property in St. Petersburg, you will want to work with a professional real estate agent that will help you choose the perfect property for your lifestyle. Leah Herzwurm is a professional real estate agent who knows a lot about the city of St. Petersburg as well as its properties. Reach out to Leah directly when you are ready to start the search for your perfect beach home.

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